Thank you for participating in the Kingsport Times News NIE Write-On!

We only have space to publish approximately twenty entries in the newspaper so we are sharing all students’ work on this site. Entries are grouped by school and posted in no particular order.

September 5 – Have you ever been to summer camp? Write about your experience or describe your ideal summer camp. 

September 12 – How does your family celebrate Independence Day?

September 19 – Write about a brother or sister.

September 26 – Write about your favorite sports team.

October 3 – What superpower would you like to have?

October 10 – What is the most fun thing you’ve done this week?

October 17 – Write about your favorite TV show or movie.

October 24 – If you held a world record, what would it be?

October 31 – What are you afraid of?

November 7 – What your favorite activity to do with your parents or other family members?

November 14 – Write about a person you admire.

November 21 – What is the last kind thing you did for someone else?

November 28 – Pretend electronics do not exist. How would you spend your time?

December 5 – Describe your most favorite food and your least favorite food.

December 12 – If you could give your parents any gift, what would it be?

December 19 – Create a new holiday.

January 23 – What is your favorite quality about yourself?

January 30 – Write about a special birthday memory.

February 6 – What would you place in a time capsule for future students to discover?

February 13 – If you had to cook dinner for your entire family, what would you make?

February 20 – Do you like amusement parks or state fairs? Write about one of your favorite rides, games, or describe another activity you enjoy.

February 27 – Write about a time you felt really proud of something you did.

March 6 – What is your favorite exercise or physical activity?

March 13 – Write about a favorite song, singer, or band.

March 20 – Do you think animals have thoughts like people do? What are they thinking?

March 27 – Would you rather have a longer school day and no homework, or get out early and have more homework?

April 3 – What do you think is the best invention ever created?

April 10 – If you were in charge of the whole world, what would you do to make it a happier place?

April 17 – What do you think life will be like for kids 100 years in the future?

April 24 – If you won the lottery, what would you do with your prize?

May 1 – Write about a friend. What do you like most about this friend?

May 8 – Describe a fun day off from school.