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Financial Literacy

Banking: How Money Works

Language Arts

Using the Newspaper to Teach the Virginia SOLs for Middle School English

Poetry Lessons

Using Lyrics to Enrich English, Reading, and Social Studies

Reading Realities

Comic Strips…Newspaper Capers

Your Passport to the World

Mastering the Message (media literacy)

Creating a Classroom Newspaper


Mathematics in the News

Math with Sam

By the Numbers Math Connections in Newspapers



Chemistry and the News

Science in the News

Secondary Science

Science Fairs: The Method Behind the Madness

Winter Sports Science

Social Studies

The Civil Rights Movement

Using the Newspaper to Teach Curriculum Standards for Social Studies

Social Studies and the News

The Civil War Revisited

It’s Your Right – A History of the Bill of Rights

Our Veterans – Sharing Their Stories


Art Activities Using the Newspaper

Across the Curriculum

Are You Ready for the Real World?

Celebrate Diversity!

Editorial Cartoons

Give Them The Keys!

Life Skills In The News

Newspapers Maintain the Brain

Newspapers Touching the Kaleidoscope of Your Mind

NIE … It’s Elementary!

NIE for K-3

On the Sidelines…Using the Sports Section of the Newspaper

Using Newspaper Standards K to 5

Using the Newspaper in Upper Elementary and Middle School Grade

Constitution Day is September 17 

Celebrate Constitution Day by using this supplement to explain our Bill of Rights and  why we have a Constitution.

Constitution Day

Remembering 9/11

Although it may be painful, let’s remember those who passed and those that sacrificed to try to save others.

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Olympic Museum Resource – The Main Olympic Topics

NIE Week

NIE Week 2014 – The curriculum from the American Press Institute is Introduction to News Literacy