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My favorite school subject is. C.A.D. (Computer Aided Drafting) The reason C.A.D. is my favorite class is because it brings mathematics and drawing together on a sheet of paper or on computer software. Another reason is how amazing, yet simple, a drawing on a sheet of paper can turn into a real object, house, or even a school. The world is full of so many human made objects, and I consider it amazing to see them before they become real.

Tony Bedwell, 10th grade, Sullivan Central High School, P. Muncie, Teacher

Think about some things you would like to do next year. Write about your goals or resolutions for 2017.

As 2016 becomes 2017, hopefully goals and resolutions will be met. Many people want to make the year better and make themselves better as well.  My goal this upcoming year is to be more spontaneous. I want life to be full of great adventures and memories that shall be remembered, and I want to encourage others to live life in the moment. You’re only going to
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