NIE offers a variety of educational resources to help teachers integrate the newspaper into their teaching activities. Program components include:

  • Professional educator to coordinate the program
  • Teacher Assistance for training and inspiration
  • Curriculum Materials on varied subjects
  • Lesson Plans on varied subjects
  • Classroom support through presentations
  • Newspaper contests for enrichment (with student and teacher recognition)
  • Creative writing column
  • MiniPage weekly

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Newspaper In Education Week Curriculum Materials

Newspaper In Education Week is celebrated annually during the first full school week in March. This year, the American Press Institute is partnering with the Newseum on curriculum that emphasizes the newspaper as an educational resource.

Lessons focus on the following topics:

Newspapers in Your Life

  • What’s News Where?
  • The First Rough Draft of History

In the Newsroom

  • The Fairness Formula
  • Planning for the Unpredictable

Media Literacy

  • Where News Comes From
  • Evaluating the News

This free curriculum features six lessons aligned with Common Core State Standards. Lesson plans incorporate existing Newseum resources into activities and student worksheets. They are geared toward middle- and high-school students, but include extension activities for elementary students.

Newspapers in Your Life
In the Newsroom
Media Literacy
Standards Alignment Chart (for all units)