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Enter a Write-On!

Write On!

Write On! Young Voices Speak is a creative writing program that is open to students in grades K-12 and special education within the circulation area of the Kingsport Times-News.

The column is printed in the Kingsport Times-News each Wednesday throughout the school year, with the exception of the Christmas holidays.

Included is a list of rules and the topics for the next school year.

Deadline for submitting student work is always the FRIDAY two weeks before the Wednesday when the column will appear. You will see the due date and the printing date on the Write On schedule.

You may fax the columns to 1-423-392-1340.
Email: nie@timesnews.net.
Regular mail is also acceptable.

You may now have your students enter either work through this website.
Please include STUDENT NAME, GRADE, SCHOOL and TEACHER’S NAME with each entry! Place this information on each paper, not the packet.

Selection Guidelines and Tips:
Many factors are considered in the selection of the entries. We read for creative answers and excellence of writing. We try to balance the ages and sexes of the students, as well as provide a good selection of entries from different schools. It really helps if the writing is clearly legible.

Please remember: We cannot print student work that is unrelated to one of our topics.

If your students do not see their names in print for several weeks, please ask them to try, try again!!! We receive an average of 200 to 300 paragraphs a week, so it takes time to get around to everyone! We do try!